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Strasbourg, France | July 10-12, 2019



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Facebook Reality Labs brings together a world-class team of researchers, developers, and engineers to create the future of virtual and augmented reality, which together will become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today – and just as personal computers have done over the past 45 years, AR and VR will ultimately change everything about how we work, play, and connect. We are developing all the technologies needed to enable breakthrough AR glasses and VR headsets, including optics and displays, computer vision, audio, graphics, brain-computer interface, haptic interaction, eye/hand/face/body tracking, perception science, and true telepresence.


ACTIVISION: For over 30 years, Activision has been changing the way people play. We develop, distribute, and publish deeply immersive interactive entertainment for gaming consoles, mobile and tablet platforms, and PCs, including blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty®, Skylanders® and Destiny®. We strive to make the most fun, thrilling, and engaging entertainment experiences for our players, who live in a world with many entertainment options. Operating in more than 15 countries, our success is built upon the shared dedication of great people whose sense of mutual respect and teamwork drives our performance.

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Substance by Adobe is the reference solution for 3D digital materials. The texturing suite has gained international recognition for its three flagship products: Substance Painter, the 3D painting tool; Substance Designer, the reference digital materials authoring tool; and Substance Source, the reference online library of digital materials.


Unity democratizes game development and enables success by solving many of the hard technical and business-related problems for you. More game developers use Unity than any other engine. A community of millions – from hobbyists and students to indie and AAA studios – have used Unity to create 2D, 3D, and VR/AR games and experiences. In fact, Unity creators have distributed their content to over one-billion devices reaching over 700 million gamers

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